Who is it for?

The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation is for REALTORS® who want to be able to meet the special needs of maturing Americans when selling, buying, relocating, or refinancing residential or investment properties. By earning the SRES® designation, REALTORS® are prepared to approach mature clients with the best options and information for them to make life-changing decisions.

Are you close to retirement age? Or maybe you're already there? Hi, I’m Janet Keo Conklin, a designated Senior Real Estate Specialist for Re/Max, and for over 20 years, I’ve sold many homes spanning across Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire. Cash-out on your equity, contact now!


Thanks to Prop 13, homeowners are saved from losing their homes by keeping property taxes low. They can transfer their base year value to a home of any value.


Also, thanks to Prop 19, Seniors, retirees, and all homeowners aged 55+ can move closer to family, medical care, or a home that better meets their needs anywhere in California without a tax penalty.


  • Save Money on Maintenance Cost
  • Downsizing to a new home can help you open a new chapter
  • Cash-out on Equity
  • Downsizing can free up your lifestyle for traveling
  • Lower Consumption
  • It will help you organize your interior and be more creative
  • Single Story/Safer Home
  • Capital Gains Benefit
  • Spend more time closer to your family  

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